Marie Clay’s Running Record

Running records are reading assessments that measure decoding skills (Clay, 1993).  A student reads a sample passage of 100 words or more, and the teacher charts the correct words read orally.  If the student ends the reading of the passage with 95% accuracy, the teacher moves the student to the next reading level.  For example, if a student reads at 95% accuracy a grade level one text, the student may be ready to move to a grade level two text; however, if a student scores less than 90% accuracy on a grade level two text, the student needs to keep practicing grade level one texts.  The teacher charts the responses of the reader on a recording sheet giving one check to each correct response.  Then, the teacher divides the total number of words by the total number of correct responses to gain a percentage (Clay, 1993).  The teacher may choose to chart miscues which include semantic (Did the miscue make sense?), syntax (Did the miscue sound right?), or graphophonic (Did the miscue look right?).  Because I am a classroom teacher, I simply chart the accuracy rate of the text read.  If I have a struggling reader, I chart miscues.

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